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“Having Durban Media produce this video to represent our brand values was a great choice as Michael maintained clear lines of communication from the rough draft to the finalised version. Everything from the message, the editing quality and the sound was great and we look forward to using his creative services again in the future.”

R33P Clothing

We are not limited to the video production services mentioned below so if you need a projected edited for your business do get in touch below.


To date I have edited a variety of documentaries and profile pieces with different themes and topics. To date I have 18 film festival selections to my name so do see my documentary gallery button below.

For documentary editing I charge a flat rate depending on the length of delivery. This ensures that YOU know what to expect during the production process.

To give a basic idea I would edit at £120 per edit day + £ (Cost of any music licences you need). Depending on the nature and length of your project I may offer you a better rate so please do send me your requirements so I can give you the best possible quote.

Corporate Video Messages

Do you have a message that needs communicated to your staff and or clients? This may be the service for you. Whether it be a quick PSA or more detailed instructional video I look forward to hearing from you.

30-60 second PSA: £80 + (Necessary Licences)
– Formatted for social media platforms
– Typically 2 day turn around for most projects

Need something slightly different or longer, do get in touch below and we will get back to you with a refined quote based on your needs.

Youtube Video Editing

Do you have YouTube video content that needs editing? If so this is the service for you.

Option 1: Monthly Content Package
This is for YouTubers and fellow gamers needing monthly content. Do get in touch with an idea of your monthly output and we can discuss a monthly retainer to keep your content flowing while consistent in quality.

Option 2: Quick Projects
Please contact me below so I can get a better idea of your productions needs so I can give you the most accurate quote possible.
This would entail fast turn arounds and would aim to serve those working with a smaller budget.

Producing and Research

Do you need help in getting a project up and running? To date I have researched and produced a number of projects which range from NHS E-Learning videos to sports documentaries. With 18 film festival selections to my name (Two of which are overall winners within their category) you can be assured that I will bring value and experience into your production.

Producing £120 per 8hr day + Expenses
Research £80 per 8hr day + Expenses

Expenses can range from fuel costs to necessary licences depending on the needs of your project. Do get in touch so I can give you a more detailed quote.

We are delighted with the exposure MBAI has given us, with a reach of over 30,000 views through our own social media platforms. Feedback on the documentary was extremely complimentary and resonated with many people. Michael was also easy to work with, bringing professionalism, artistic direction and an understanding that only someone in this position would have.”

Caroline Bramwell
PR Manager, Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Association

Need to speak to Durban Media Face2Face?

Then please hit the button below to arrange a video call to discuss your projects needs.

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