R33P | Earn Your Reward

R33P Promo by Durban Media

I was contacted by R33P who is a new start-up clothing brand in Kuwait. We discussed their goals and limitations with the current covid-19 climate and I proposed this piece above which aims to showcase their brand values. With no budget and means of getting outside to film (due to government guidelines and safety) I decided to try something I never had considered: use free stock footage and elements in their entirety.

Considering the limitations on this project I was quite happy with how this piece turned out. Here are a few words from R33P themselves:

Having Michael produce this video to represent our brand values was a great choice as he maintained clear lines of communication from the rough draft to the finalised version and did his best understand what our vision was and make that come to life. Everything from the message, the editing quality and the sound was great and we look forward to using his creative services again in the future.”

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