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My documentary portfolio showcases various projects I have shot and directed over the last few years.

Paddling for Happiness

Just like war, an ocean storm can be harsh and unforgiving ; blazing a trail of devastation in it’s wake. But when the tide turns the ocean can calm the most turbulent of them all.

For many of the soldiers returning from the war in Afghanistan, 30 seconds in was the difference between life and death. Now for Martin Pollock, 30 seconds is the pursuit of the perfect wave. Paddling for Happiness is the story of his ocean adventures and how it brought calm to his personal storms.

We would like to thank Martin Pollock and Joe Taylor (The Wave Project) for spending time with us and giving their stories and insight along the way.


My Bag and I 2019

My Bag and I explores the social lives and struggles of young osto-mates living in the United Kingdom. Durban Media partnered with The Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Association to be able to produce its 20 minute cut (below) and social media content.

To date MBAI has received various film festival selections, one of which was a semi finalist within its category. Our 5 minute cut has 12000+ Facebook views and an organic reach of 30K+ to date. To date My Bag and I has been played in 4 different countries and is still generating attention from companies such as the BBC since our live radio interview in 2019.


Crohn’s and Colitis Week

An Honest Interview with an Eco-Conscious Surfboard Shaper

With so much media attention surrounding the harms of plastics in our oceans I decided to track down a surfboard shaper by the name of Jackson in Cornwall, to talk about plastics within surfboard production. Jackson speaks about how his own business practice leaves a mark on the environment and how we as surfers can make better decisions when it comes to buying surfboards.

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